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The Art of Petri Salo & Axel Sutinen


It´s always a challenge to be faced with images that delicately balance feelings of optimism and doubt about the world we live in. Axel Sutinen´s and Petri Salo´s paintings take up on a journey through a mindscape that reveal our interwoven environments that we often take for granted.

With their way of fusing ancient and contemporary symbols, they create an atmosphere that can catch us off guard, as if time were catching up with us. They are able to lift a veil, without being melodramatic, on issues of personal significance and events that become transformed into expressions that can reach us all.

Oliver Whitehead




For me everything is a mirror; process of life shows us our face.
It´s like “it is easy not to see people, the world and things as they are, but rather as an image, a story created by the mind”
The painting process is often a sacred moment; it requires stillness, an open mind and constant willingness to be there for art. It is in these moments of deep understanding without the thinking process veiling it, that the answers are rising, pictures and views are formed before my inner eye.
From my personal standpoint it is also these moments that teaches me; nothing is isolated, no entity, no happening nor the thoughts; everything is facets of the same consciousness that is witnessing the process of creation.

Petri Salo



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