River of images

My work is a journey of uncovering, finding forms and visions that most inspire me.
I see a flash of an image in my mind for a split second and it gives me inspiration enough to start on a work of art. Then I work through the processes of capturing the original feeling and developing it to its conclusion. Sometimes the resulting painting shows me insights that I had no idea about initially.

The work can show me surprisingly new aspects that I can learn from. On other occasions it seems to be quite different again and things happen unconsciously, although very naturally.

When I paint I feel like I am standing in a river of images that swim around me and flow past me like fish in the water.

Then I catch an image that I want to give a material reality. My paintings are images with a difference.

The awareness in the painting is the most important thing for me; what sort of energy it emits, what it can give the viewer.

I am interested in capturing the sublime and underlying sources in art and life. A sense of history is important as is an awareness of the present and the future, in finding these causes and being able to find unique perceptions in visual art.

I want to express my art in a way that a consciousness of the whole depth of being is present bringing the work of art to life. Then I feel my works will have a life of their own as they leave the studio out into the world.


Axel Sutinen




Axel Sutinen




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