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Art film / Deep questions about life, dreams, loss and death / A journey of imagination

A statement by Petri Salo and Axel Sutinen

As visual-artists this is our first independent collaboration working with the format of moving imagery and sound. The process has taken over 2 years evolving and undergoing many changes. It grew as an organic process to become a dream-like exploration inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead. A loose story-line follows a transformation experienced by a young woman and her family.

Watch the trailer (Film will be completed early 2018)

  • This piece has been made possible through the skill & expertise in editing and special-effects by Rui Almeida.
  • Very special thank you is due to Andrew Kramer for his generous help & support.
  • Also the special cast members and many people giving their support with their talents making this a unique work of art.
  • Thank you very much.
  • Cast
  • Kaja Sand
  • Steve Remigio Delgado
  • Peter Sand-Delgado
  • Tuulikki Salo
  • Pedro Bosque
  • Paula Santos-Tang
  • Jenny Tang
  • Axel Sutinen
  • Susana Conçalo
  • Carlos Saramago
  • Written and Directed by
  • Petri Salo & Axel Sutinen
  • Editing, Post-Production, Visual Effects, Sound Effects
  • Rui Almeida
  • Photography
  • Petri Salo
  • Rui Almeida
  • Axel Sutinen
  • Matti Pyykkö
  • Still Photography
  • Rui Almeida
  • Kari Laasonen
  • Production Design & Set Design
  • Petri Salo & Axel Sutinen
  • Music
  • Quim-Zé Grilo
  • Music composed for Chapter I
  • Timo Kaukolampi
  • Music composed for Chapter II
  • Juha Matti Rautiainen
  • Music composed for Chapter III
  • (to be announced)
  • Theme Song
  • Vieni Vieni sung by Holger Knape
  • Voice-overs
  • Anna Eriksson
  • Steve Remigio Delgado
  • Axel Sutinen
  • Model-Making
  • Tamsin Murray
  • Andrew Kramer
  • Petri Salo
  • Axel Sutinen
  • Aki Salminen
  • Source of inspiration
  • The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
  • Special thanks to
  • Anna & Matti
  • Tuulikki & Unto Salo
  • Alma & Alberto Riletti
  • Cafe Do Mercado


This movie is on post-production stage and will be released early 2018. It is in three parts, Chapter I, Chapter II, & Chapter III all about 30 mins each in length. For all enquiries contact Petri Salo or Axel Sutinen. See Casa da Musas for more about their art.