Landscapes of the mind

Throughout my life I have taken note, that the creative and cultural impetus in Western European civilization seems to be gradually dwindling down to a trickle. It seems that the common person in the West is finding it increasingly difficult to play a part, or hold on to his values (if there are any), in the present day and emerging near-future of the world.

It is challenging for us to see that the phenomenon of life is a lot more complicated as to fit into any preconceived perception or model of order. Many people live in a vacuum devoid of culture, or in an easy dream of consumer numbness, in some sort of consoling collective illusion.


Dreams, a wider perception of life and the uncharted territories of the psyche are the central concerns of my art. I am interested in the energies affecting us below the level of conscious knowledge and how these infiltrate into all our decisions and actions, making the notion of freedom of choice a questionable theory, to say the least.


The subject of my work is also the experience and appreciation of multi-faceted reality in life and finding an inherent acceptance and tolerant understanding of it.
My inspirational motives are the architectures of the past, spatial atmospheres, furniture, old utilitarian appliances, objects d´art , souvenirs, curtains, old abandoned houses and gardens.

My paintings seem to grow guided by an intuitive conception. They appear effortlessly to me and though I make preliminary sketches occasionally before the final piece, the subjective content is evident from the start.


I feel that certain meaningful landscapes of the mind have to be experienced and captured in paint, and often they give unanticipated connections and insights. Ultimately I make paintings that I have not seen before, but that I would like to observe myself.


Petri Salo


Petri Salo Landscapes of the mind - Paintings from 2007 to 2013


Petri Salo




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